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Pretty Picture Monday

Arg. Still fighting a sinus infection, and just not ready for Monday. How about some Shiny? This is from the Encyclopedia of Life Flickr pool.

Shiny Taxonomic Key is SHINY!

There is now an online key to the 86 species of Chrysididae in North America! It is, of course, quite useful, but the best parts are all the detailed photos of these lovely Hymenopterans. Thanks […]

And now for something completely different

Sorry to be a downer lately…I’m realizing that I have to go look for a job soon, and it’s rather a bummer. How about a pretty picture?  Ursja has uploaded more beautiful beetle photos! OMGSHINY!!

Pretty Picture Thursday (and Friday)

I’m on the road right now, so why not enjoy this beautiful photo of one of my favorite groups of insects! The Chrysididae are a group of parasitic wasps that are harmless to humans, and […]

Friday Shiny

Shiny!! Bugs!! Friday!! What could be better? Thanks so much to Andy Burton, who let me use his photo of a Harlequin Bug family, Tectocoris diopthalamus.

Butterfly timelapse videos!

Check out this nifty film of painted lady emergence from pupae: It’s particularly interesting to see these color changes as the butterflies develop–and then they suddenly turn a milky color. What’s happening? In preparation for […]

NC Insect Photo contest award winners

Oh, some very cool entries in the North Carolina Entomological Society photo contest! Check out their Picasa Album. Many lovely photos. I chose this one simply because this is one of my favorite families: Chrysididae, […]

Caught in the Bug Net 6.20

I’m going to be off doing trail maintenance most of this weekend, so here’s some other buggy stuff to read: You can now view the Linnean Insect Collection online! Yes, it’s Mr. Genus-Species’ bug collection. […]