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99th Skeptics’ Circle!

Ferret’s Cage is hosting the latest Skeptics’ Circle with a fun Sci-Fi spacey theme.  I was especially taken with this submission, which I suggest is a strong contender for best post title EVAR. And, for […]

Latest Skeptics’ Circle!

The Uncredible Hallq is hosting the latest Skeptics’ Circle. Check it out! It leads off with a wonderful quote from a post my bloggy friend Andrea,  The Sum of Good Intentions: “The addition of good […]

95th Skeptics’ Circle!

Yep, it’s up over at the Skeptic’s Dictionary! Check out the latest revelations of Nostradamus. Sort of. Since I’ll be quite busy Friday learning to band geese (or at least being pooped on by geese), […]

New Skeptics’ Circle!

Check it out at Reduce to Common Sense. Another well done Olympic theme; Woo-meisters are speedy, but the Skeptics are faster! And, some sad news–LGBT pioneer Del Martin has died at the age of 87–but […]

Skeptics’ Circle #84

The latest Skeptics Circle is up at Archaeoporn! (no worries, despite the name, it’s safe for work.) So much skeptic goodness, so little time to goof off and read……

Skeptics’ Circle: Expelled!

Check out the new edition of the Skeptics’ Circle at Mike’s Weekly Skeptic Rant! Well done, Mike :D