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Caught in the Bug Net: 1.31.10

Things are rather dramatic* in my life right now, so how about a little linkage? You know how I love Taxonomy FAIL, and Roberto finds a doosy: Exxon Photoshoppage Fail Spiders weave a giant tapestry! […]

Highly Inappropriate Tuesday

For no real reason, a photo that made me laugh: Also, Jimbo thinks he has discovered the egg sacs of Dick Cheney in a DC neighborhood. Can someone with more expertise confirm his ID? They […]

More social spiders in the news!

I’m a little late on this one, but since people seem to find social spiders fascinating (in a Halloween sort of way), I thought I’d mention this news story about spiders living in groups–to capture […]

Aquatic Mercury in Food webs

A new paper came out in Science a while ago that I’ve been meaning to write about: Cristol, D.A. et al. 2008. The movement of aquatic mercury through terrestrial food webs. Vol. 320. no. 5874, […]

Help for the Chronically Disorganized

I am still trying to disconnect myself from the blog, and my addiction to being online, so I can try to get some work done. Alas, I still seem to be having trouble focusing. I […]

St. Felix: patron saint of spiders

I mentioned St. Ambrose, patron saint of bees, a week or so ago, and I managed to find another pro-invertebrate saint: St. Felix of Nola. (There’s plenty of anti-insect saints; I suppose I’ll get around […]

Spiders from Mars–er, Mercury

But no word about David Bowie or Ziggy Stardust: NASA spots mysterious “spider” on Mercury “The photos, released today, include one of a feature the scientists informally call “the spider,” which appears to be an […]

Someone please explain this

Tarantulas? On a period-romance novel about England? I am very confused. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for the crawly sensation in her nether regions? Or perhaps just really, really messed up foreplay.  The Smart Bitches said: […]

Arthropods, Sex, and HIV

No, it’s been pretty thoroughly demonstrated that insects can’t transmit HIV. However, France has a pretty astonishing ad campaign (NSFW?) that uses two Arachnids to suggest unprotected sex can be dangerous. Interestingly, the spider is […]