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Cochineal Taxonomy Fails

In which I prove that the average person should care about taxonomic errors in news stories, using LOLcats and Einstein.

Art made of Aedeagus

It’s totally normal that entomologists are obsessed with genitalia. Really!

Volunteers needed for Great Basin BioBlitz!

I am a huge fan of BioBlitz days.  For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a BioBlitz is basically a plan to document and count as many species as possible in a 24-hour time period. […]

Thursday Taxonomic FAIL

I was excited about this “big bug” feature that someone sent me…until I got to the 4th bug.  That is NOT a Giant Walking stick. It’s a Mantis.  If the mantis is also 21 inches […]

Shellac: also not a beetle

I got Bill Bryson’s new book “At Home” from my library, and have been happily reading about the history of houses. Except. When I got to the chapter “The Drawing Room”, I discovered a rather […]

Shiny Taxonomic Key is SHINY!

There is now an online key to the 86 species of Chrysididae in North America! It is, of course, quite useful, but the best parts are all the detailed photos of these lovely Hymenopterans. Thanks […]

Insect Genitalia: an Entomological Obsession

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy some of the randomness that shows up in my Inbox because I’m an entomologist. Today’s example: “Subject: Genetalia vials I have been using small genitalia vials (10mm x […]

Corporate naming of taxa

Ok, I’m gone, so you guys have the floor. Apparently there is a group that specializes in selling off naming rights to taxa to corporations: “In recent years, more and more non-profits, from conservation groups […]