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Think TV science sucks? Here’s how you can help fix it

Please support this kickstarter project to make an amazing insect and science educational film

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Outreach in Unusual Places

I was lucky enough to be part of a series of sessions at ScienceOnline this January that discussed Science Outreach. It should tell you a little about how hectic my life has been lately that […]

Teaching advice: what to do when a student loses it

Quite a few people, including PZ, have posted this video of a student completely loosing it in a classroom.  From the school paper: “Associate Professor Stephen M. Kajiura was reviewing with his evolution class in […]

The mystery of sexual nomenclature

I have been cleaning frantically as I try to get ready for my last day of work. This means I have uncovered a huge array of strange and fascinating items, which I will now share […]

Vote: is it ok to post student essays?

OMG. I just found a folder with a whole bunch of things I saved from the early 90s, when I was a new Assistant Professor teaching Evolution. I had forgotten I was a “CHILD OF […]


Hey–who wants to have a ScienceBlogs vs. Discover blogs vs. Nature Blog Network throw down for Donor’s Choose? This October, I’ll be part of the DonorsChoose.org Social Media Challenge.  This is a friendly month-long competition […]

New issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach!

The latest issue of EEO is out! This issue has several essays by teachers in public schools.  I was especially struck by this one: I am a special education teacher in a middle school, though, […]

Why is Science Important?

I just stumbled across this website–which also has a very interesting film.  The filmmaker, Alom Shaha, is a teacher; here’s what he says about the project: “I’ve started this film and blog project in which […]

New Evolution/Educational resources

A bunch of new FREE stuff out from AIBS: “The teaching and learning resources compiled for the fifth annual evolution symposium and educator workshop, “Illuminating Biology: An Evolutionary Perspective,” held in October at the National […]