A mushy Valentine message to pretty much everyone on the internet (except a couple of you, and You Know Who You Are)

valentineThis valentine shows the mutualistic relationship between ants and aphids where both benefit. Aphids produce very sugary poop, which ants find delicious. The ants protect the aphids from other insects that might want to eat them. Win-win.

If you are not following the work of Bird and Moon, you should. She makes art that is both informative and adorable.  And today, a metaphor for my relationship with you, dear readers. (more…)

Thanks Giving

Just before I left for the ESA conference on Nov. 13th, this happened:

1 million views

Yep, shot past the 1 million mark.  The actual number is probably higher; this counter doesn’t include RSS feeds and subscriptions, as well as views inside frames (like when you click on a networked blog link via Facebook).

What really matters is that I know many of you that are regular readers, and you are awesome.   Just wanted to say *THANK YOU* to everybody that has stopped by since the Bug Blog moved to its new WP.com home and this counter began.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled insect news.