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Silk Pavilion

How to get 6,500 silk worms to make you a house. Sort of.

ehrmahgerd bertles!

Insect Carl Sagan and science communication

The latest buzz going round the online science community is an article that suggests that scientists might not be doing enough to communicate with the public.  Scicurious wrote an excellent reply. I struggled to find […]

Insect Nation

A little musical interlude for your evening: Bill Bailey on the destruction of the planet.

Pollinator Week Movie: Talking to the Bees

I could not resist posting this video, because….well. Who better to explain pollination than Isabella Rossellini!!  Also, the bee pollen basket and waggle dance explanations are quite delightful.  Enjoy!

The Bug Chicks: Insect Strength

I am on the road again, so how about another visit from the Bug Chicks? In this video they discuss some astounding insect feats of strength.  And…DONUTS!!

Simon’s Cat: Fly Guy

I love, love, love these cartoons. And here’s one that has Entomology in it!  (sort of.)

YouTube Entomology Contest!

The Entomological Society of America has announced a video contest! Members may submit entries of no more than two minutes in four different categories: • Discovery (research-based) • Instruction (teaching-based) • Outreach (extension-based) • Open […]

Butterfly timelapse videos!

Check out this nifty film of painted lady emergence from pupae: It’s particularly interesting to see these color changes as the butterflies develop–and then they suddenly turn a milky color. What’s happening? In preparation for […]

Bark Beetle Music Video

Some fun for a Friday. And I’m sure the large number of beer bottles in the video are a total coincidence :D Virginia Tech has a nice publication on Bark Beetles: “Bark beetles attack trees […]