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Colbert, bees, and cows

I was just thinking “Gosh, we’ve been seriously lately at the Bug Blog….” Fortunately, Steven Colbert weighs in on the bee-cocaine experiments! (At 2:12) Bonus: before he gets to the honey, he explains how cow-tipping […]

Amusing Music Thursday

Wow. I soooooo wish I had the chutzpah to do this. I present: Leslie Hall, from Ames, Iowa. There is, alas, no video for the song “Midwest Diva,” which you can hear on her MySpace […]

Isabella Rossellini, insects, and porn

Really, could there be any better combination? Apparently she’s created a series of short films: “The 55-year-old actress will premiere “Green Porno”, a series she directed and co-produced as “quickies” for mobile phones and mobile […]

Japan, insects, and a high jump

Something fun for a Friday afternoon!  I have commented before on how I find Japanese culture both baffling and fascinating. The butt-biting bug was one example–here’s another one. A game show contest that involves a […]

Ghost bug!

Someone did an AWESOME job of putting together a video demonstrating that the “ghost” visible on this gas station camera was actually…an insect. He included footage of other famous ghost insects from the past as […]

Minuscule: Ants at work

A heist, a bocce ball, and ….well, I won’t give the rest away. Enjoy!