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Return of Waspzilla

You might remember this story from last August, when the discovery of a species of Waspthulu was announced. The researchers just published the first paper describing this species.  Its name is now Megalara garuda.  “Because […]

Waspthulu discovered in Indonesia

News of an amazing new species found in Indonesia! “The jaw-dropping, shiny black wasp appears to be the “Komodo dragon” of the wasp family. It’s huge. The male measures about two-and-a-half-inches long, Kimsey said. “Its […]

Insects + Beer = SCIENCE

There is a really fun opportunity for some participatory science this August: “I could use your help to run a North American pilot test of an inexpensive trap for yellowjackets and hornets.  If  successful it […]

A Wasp in Winter

Saw this last week and was really fascinated by the combo of snow and what I suspect is a hornet’s nest. Where are they now? If it’s a bald-faced hornet nest, nearly all of them […]

Zombie Roaches!

Ok, not the brain-eating kind of zombie. Carl Zimmer has an update on the emerald cockroach wasp, Ampulex compressa. New research makes the story even stranger–it turns out you can get the roaches to un-zombie […]

Insects in the news #21

Coddling Moth evolves resistance to viral control An interesting story about moth resistance to a commonly used organic pest control, granulovirus. It turns out a change in a single sex-linked gene can radically decrease moth […]