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Debugging Grace Hopper

Since I talked about pioneering women earlier this week, how about examining the Entomological/Etymological connections of Grace Hopper? I should give her the proper title–Rear Admiral Hopper.  (A biography described her as “Admiral of the […]

Women in Science Symposia

Wanted to broadcast this out to any newly-minted PhDs out there: Women Evolving Biological Sciences Women Evolving Biological Sciences, or WEBS, is three-day symposium on the retention of female biologists and the transition of women […]

Do scientists work too hard?

A recent article in Academe Online had some startling numbers that I had long suspected, but wasn’t able to back up with data until now. Over half of scientists surveyed–regardless of gender–reported they work 50 […]

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Weekly WTF: More Michigan Stupidity

Waggle of the antennae to Feministing for the tip: Feminism is to blame for forcing women go to college. WTF is going on with college kids in Michigan? This article was in a student newspaper […]

The female science blogger thing

I mentioned last week that The Scientist was looking for people to vote on their favorite science bloggers. It seemed that none of the 7 folks they initially asked to name favorites to kick off […]