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Book Review: The Gentle Subversive

The Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement.  Mark Hamilton Lytle, 2007. Oxford Univ. Press. Bug Rating: (with some caveats) I have written quite a bit about Rachel Carson, […]

Anonymity, revisited

My post on blogging anonymously was surprisingly popular, so I thought I would mention this news tidbit: A British policeman was recently outed as the author of the blog Night Jack, a 2009 Orwell Prize […]

Pseudonyms and anonymity

MGK recently was musing about the case of an anonymous blogger publicly “outed” by another; “Pseudonymity is great. Blevins explains most of the cogent reasons why he blogged anonymously (not wanting to frighten students, not […]

Upcoming OpenLab Submission Deadline

Do you blog and write about science? Do you know someone who does and want to nominate them for inclusion in an anthology of science writing? Click here to nominate a blog post for The […]

The Ant Analogy

I wanted to direct everyone to a really great essay about ants, termites, and using their societies as a metaphor for human society: The Ant Analogy I liked it so much, I couldn’t pick a […]