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pube lice haustellum

How Pubic Lice suck (your blood)

I did a little research, and what I found out made pubic lice creepier. I did not actually think that was possible.

The GOP War on Caterpillars

Politics delivered a bizzare insect soundbite this week. A GOP leader was being questioned about policies mandating medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds, limiting access to birth control, and other recent policy initiatives considered anti-woman.  His response?  Priebus rejected […]

A Different Kind of Bug Girl

Alternate title: I Could Not Make This Shit Up If I Tried. I’ve mentioned before that the nickname Bug Girl is occasionally used by people that are not me.  But this one is a new […]

A Ribald Tale of Love and Lice

You may have heard that I told a story at the ScienceOnline2012 conference.  If you missed it, here you go! Listen to the (Slightly NSFW) Story  via The Monti Everything I said is true; there […]

Forbes hits the Conspiracy Trifecta

Environmentalists caused the plague? A very problematic take in a magazine that should know better

Happy Halloween: New Giant Spiderweb Found!

You might remember my coverage of the giant spiderweb that ate Texas in 2007.  For Halloween 2010 I am happy to report for your creeping-out pleasure that a new giant spiderweb was recently reported in […]

This even creeps ME out a little

I give you: a giant aggregation of Daddy Long Legs, also known as Opiliones. The coolest thing about this is that no one really knows WHY they form these aggregations.  Is it predator defense? Thermoregulation? […]