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File Under: Are you fucking kidding me??

What the…what? Apparently, a pest control company in the UK has decided to drum up business by COMPLETELY MAKING SHIT UP. This image shows some of the numbers of insects estimated to be on public […]

Pest Control: an old metaphor for racism

I happened to stumble across this really horrifying story last week: Last week the Web site UsedWinnipeg.com ran an advertisement headlined “Native Extraction Service” with a photograph of three young Native boys. The service offered […]

Fox News FAIL: Insect Museums

Ok, I’m a couple of days late to this, but that’s mostly because I had to wait until I could stop cussing and breathing in a bag to calm down.  If you haven’t already heard, […]

Entomologists in togas?!?

I happened to pick up this flyer for the North American Forensic Entomology Association Meeting.  Pretty much everyone is interested in forensic entomology, the same way everyone looks at a train wreck. It’s both horrible […]

Tragedy at UAH

Once again, I find myself writing about Academia, and things gone horribly wrong.  Almost half of the biology department was killed or injured yesterday in what seems to have been a tenure meeting.  One faculty […]

The symbolic meaning of Lice

It never occurred to me that dream interpretation would include lousy dreams too.

Back from the ESA meeting!

I’m back from the ESA conference, and will be parceling out reports on the cool research I saw over the next couple of weeks.  I also will have a special guest post tomorrow about a […]

I need a new life

Yeah, so here is what I found on my doorstep Saturday morning.  We also received the liver and heart. In fact, they put the heart on top of Mr. Bug’s car. Definitely a threat, and […]

Word of the day: Egregious

egregious: Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion. Outrageously bad. Example: this headline from Science Daily: Fruit Fly Sperm Makes Females Do Housework After Sex Seriously. How freakin’ embedded in your culture do […]