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More crazy anti-pheromone shit

The Crazy, it Burns. You might remember me mentioning a dust-up over pheromone spraying in California a couple of weeks ago. Now the spray date has been advanced, and even more paranoia has set in: […]

Pubic Lice: “Sea monkeys in your pants”

Everything is a fetish on the internet. EVERYTHING.

Golfer kills migratory raptor

One unexpected benefit of my travel was that I actually saw this story on CNN whilst trapped in an airport. I would have missed it otherwise, since I don’t watch much TV.  I was going […]

Mating Disruption, Pheromones, and Paranoia

Yesterday, I posted a new episode in the “Ask an Entomologist” series. My regular readers (we’re up to 8!) were probably thinking “Gosh, why is Bug-girl writing this long post? Isn’t she hugely overworked at […]

I am a gender traitor

As someone who has a long history of marching for causes, I am pretty geeked about having a black man and a white woman running as candidates for president. I also am really annoyed with […]

Someone please explain this

Tarantulas? On a period-romance novel about England? I am very confused. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for the crawly sensation in her nether regions? Or perhaps just really, really messed up foreplay.  The Smart Bitches said: […]

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Weekly WTF: More Michigan Stupidity

Waggle of the antennae to Feministing for the tip: Feminism is to blame for forcing women go to college. WTF is going on with college kids in Michigan? This article was in a student newspaper […]

Weekly WTF: A new Sylvia Brown Book

I reproduce this from my library’s “New Books” newsletter: “Psychic Children: Revealing the Intuitive Gifts and Hidden Abilities of Boys and Girls Browne, Sylvia Harrison, Lindsay The respected “New York Times” bestselling psychic shares profound […]

Weekly WTF: “A spider made me kidnap you”

A weird (and despicable) version of the “Twinkie Defense”: A guy kidnaps and rapes a women, and claims that a funnel-web spider bite made him sick enough to do it. WTF elements abound in this […]