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Your Evolution “WTF?” of the day

Hey, I had no idea that evolution was just one of those crazy Kaballah ideas promoted by jews! “Indisputable evidence — long hidden but now available to everyone — demonstrates conclusively that so-called ‘secular evolution […]

Evidence for my Feminazi lack of humor

You know, the sad thing is, almost this exact thing happened when I was in college…in the 80s. “February 13, 2007, 9:12 AM EST NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — A former college newspaper editor who wrote […]

giant hopper!


So, in my entomological life, I research pheromones and how they affect insect mating systems. Somehow today I stumbled across this. I honestly can’t figure out if this is real or not, but it is […]

Gluteus Freakyous

So, I am looking for something to do that will keep me moving, now that I am going to bail on Mr. Spandex and Arnis class. I thought bellydancing might be fun, and have gotten […]