The Rating System

Here’s my arbitrary and overly elaborate rating scheme for books and movies:

1 Roach:roach.jpg
Ugh. To be stomped on or thrown away

2 Flies:fly.jpg
Better than a Roach, but still not worth your time.

3 Cicadas:cicada3.png
Good, but can be annoying at times. A good way to spend some mindless relaxation if you aren’t picky about a predictable plot or mysteries that produce evidence from nowhere.

4 Bees
Worth reading. Has an engaging plot, humor, good information, or all three!

5 Membracids
Buy this book and read it ASAP.

Some Books that have been reviewed at the Bug Blog:

You can find other things I’ve written about books and literature in the Category pages.

You can see just about everything I’ve read over the last 5 years–and some of it’s embarrassing–in my LibraryThing collection.  While I do read some good non-fiction and science, the vast majority of what I read is escapist.  The fact that I have a “swashbuckling” tag should tell you something :)

Let’s not be judgmental, eh?